Making a Life Change

Just a short note today. I’ve actually been in that out-of-sorts mood lately. To be honest I just feel utterly bored. I’ve eaten everything I wanted to eat, I’ve been trying to travel at least once in 4 months – went to Singapore and Phuket in March and planning a trip in Sept with possible short roadtrips in between. I think lack of interest, constant self-abusing lack of sleep, increased alcohol intake and long hours are getting to me.

A friend has also been pushing me to consider picking up a hobby or at least go to the gym to lose some weight. I guess he has a point and also I have ran out of things to do. Did some googling and for now I am keeping these things in mind (taken from the Live Great website)

  • If you drink 3 sweetened drinks a day, replace two of these with an unsweetened, low-sugar option or drink plain water
  • Swap whole milk for low-fat milk, or low-fat milk for non-fat milk
  • Double your vegetable intake at every meal and halve your meat intake
  • Replace ice-cream or cake desserts with fresh fruit, non-fat yoghurt or a sorbet
  • Avoid second helpings
  • If you eat deep fried foods three times a week, take it down to just once a week
  • Don’t drink alcohol or cut it down to just one glass

Seems quite easy for now. I’ll update you guys hopefully soon!


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