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Malaya Optical, Uptown Damansara

I got invited to a blogger event organized by PlusSizeKitten & hosted by Malaya Optical in Uptown Damansara. We were all allowed to bring a couple of friends but my friends weren’t free / was lazy to go so I went alone.

Malaya Optical is a brightly light store with rows upon rows of eyewear ranging from specs frames to sunglasses. Its on the same row as Uptown 37 (where there’s Starbucks, Umai-Ya & HSBC) and before the Satay Haji Samuri.

malaya optical damansara 04malaya optical damansara 06

Left: The hard working people at Malaya Optical. Right : Tammy welcoming everyone and giving away the prize for best FB post/comment/slogan

There were a lot of people in the shop but Ryan – the owner (I think), Optometrist & Professional Eyewear Stylist/Designer – was very friendly, asking if I have already registered and if I wanted coffee/tea (they have a small dispenser right at the corner, cute!) or a lollipop. They also had some refreshments outside (sandwiches and kuih).

Upon registering, we were required to line up to purchase our contact lenses. Oh, on the same day, they had a special one-day promotion on Facebook (join here!) where if you printed out the voucher, you can get the “Logic BigEyes” contact lens for RM15 a box (1 pair inside). Usual price is RM90. I picked up 2 boxes for myself (brown and black) and a couple more boxes for a friend. Will be reviewing this in my ShoestringBeauty blog soon!

malaya optical damansara 07

Besides the special RM15 contact lens offer, we were also given two vouchers:

  • a Comprehensive eye exam (worth RM150)
  • Voucher for 1.50 Super Multicoated UV Protected worth RM150 (valid to 31 March 2011)

The eye test machine on the right is different from most machines I’ve seen in the sense that they have these rings around your iris which are differently coloured. I forgot to ask what the rings mean. They also did the usual round of Eye test with the different lenses. I found that my power/degree is pretty much the same but my astigmatism seems to have gone up a little. I asked about the astig and the guy said that, mine is not that serious as its less then 1.0, so that means I don’t have to change to toric lenses.

malaya optical damansara 08malaya optical damansara 05malaya optical damansara 12

As you can see from the many compartments and boxes stacked up high, Malaya Optical is surely where you can get a lot of brands of eyewear. In fact, Ryan mentioned, “whatever brand you want, we have it.” I even saw high end brands like Miu Miu, Marc Jacob, CK and the like. Even for the contact lenses, they have a whole cupboard (with glass cover) of the different lenses – non-coloured and coloured. Even some really cool ones like the Glow in the dark and Jewel series types below.

Oh I’m also pleased that they carry Biomedics55 which is this really awesome non-coloured contact lens that I usually wear. It’s a bit more pricy but its super comfortable especially during long wearing times.

malaya optical damansara 11malaya optical damansara 10

I left pretty early as I needed to go off someone and I made an appointed to do my eye test the next day as there were way too many people in the store on that day. But all in all, I found that all the staff in Malaya Optical were friendly and patient in explaining and answering questions – even when they had a lot of people in store.

Check out their history printed at the back of their card, their first store was way back in 1957! Explains the name doesn’t it? Pic frm Sugar Coated Muffin.

Malaya Optical 2


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