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Malaysia News : Digi iPhone 4 Rate Plans (& Maxis too!)

Edit 2 : Rates are correct. Click on Link below to see proper link. If you’re interested, I have made a comparison chart – Digi and Maxis iPhone 4 Comparison Chart.

Edit : That was fast! Digi pulled down the link. It now redirects to their main site. Lucky took screenshot

Found this link on Twitter to the Digi iPhone 4 plans and it shows the new plans that are valid from 24th Sept. Below is a screenshot in case they pull it down


As usual, the table is damn confusing. Was it for 24 mths or 12 mths? I bet most of you have seen the plans from Maxis right?

What? You haven’t? Here it is below courtesy of MalaysianWireless.



So which plan is better? And more importantly, which will you choose?

Edit: Come on guys, do I really need to make this disclaimer? Though it was pretty obvious already.

Disclaimer:  Rates above are NOT official as the official media briefing for Digi iPhone 4 plans will be at 6pm Malaysian time today. Screenshot above is what i got frm the link earlier.


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