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MAS Cheaper Flights?

Yesterday (5 May), Malaysia Airlines launched their Everyday Low Fares promotion starting from RM0 for domestic flights. Claiming to be the ‘World’s Five Star Value Carrier’ they promise that ‘you will be able to enjoy 5 Star Service at a low price’.

So, this very bored (and stressed out with school projects) blogger decided to check out and compare the prices on their website. Read more about the results. You’d be surprised.

I decided to find a return ticket from KL to Miri (MYY) on 18th of July 2008 till 20 July 2008 – which is a weekend.

Malaysian Airlines

First of all, I had loads of problems accessing their website. It was down or I got some errors. Perhaps coz it was the first day and it was it the evening so many people tried to get cheap flights.

Click for a bigger picture

Anyway, found a few flights on that day, there were four RM0 flights, both in the evening which I like. Because I don’t really like to travel in the morning.

Price tag : RM 240 including taxes


Good old airasia. One thing I like about air asia is that they will instantly show the flights for the date u requested and also for the next two days.

Click to see a bigger picture

I chose the evening ticket on the 18th (RM39.90) instead of the RM10 on in the morning. Then for the 20th, I chose the last flight (RM10) because other flights are RM90.

Price Tag : RM195 including taxes. If I were to take the RM10 flight on the 18th, it would be much cheaper.


The two airlines differed by RM50 which I think is quite a good deal because you get to fly out of KLIA which is a better equipped airport, not to say that LCCT is bad but yeah. Not only that, you won’t have to sit in a small aircraft – even tho AirAsia’s new fleet is rather roomy. And, you don’t hv to pay extra for drinks and peanuts.


  • SkyCapt

    AirAsia’s new fleet is really nice. If I’m not mistaken they have the newest fleet in asia or something. In terms of service, I find the AirAsia staff really helpful

  • IcedNyior

    I would totally agree on that. Numbered seats! YEY! I would pay RM50 just for that perk alone. No more scrambling like crazy for seats

  • ock

    but airasia says they have a new product called Sub Zero. let me guess. it’s called Sub Zero becasue you don’t get blankets on airasia!!! brrrrr!!! :-)

  • IcedNyior

    I hvn’t check out the website but if the ASEAN flights are cheap, it would be really good for those who like to travel

    Their planes are packed and not that cold anyway, so no blankets doesnt matter. LOL!

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