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/me is hepi again

Man…i’ve been soo busy with assignments. But the 2 assignments due this week are done. One is the Database presentation which i passed (tho am quite unsatisfied with my work but it was the best I could do in the short time period) and the other is maths which i finished late last nite. Only 2 more assignments to go (multimedia & software engineering)…yay!

I met up with a friend who flew in from Dubai out of the blue yesterday and had to fly off to terengganu today. Sempat nak borak-borak and hv lunch with him at kenny rogers, KL Central. Then he passed me some stuff he bought for me. Actually i pesan alcohol from him but he got more than that for me….and all FOC :P So happy to kno that someone appreciates me that much as a friend.

ok hv a great day


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