Meeting Wilson at KLCC

On Wed i decided to follow Erin back home coz i was bored and also wanted to go visit her. Then i pujuked her to come stay over at my place since she is going to meet up with Wilson at night. So my mom was supposed to pick me up at 6.50pm so i waited for her till around 7.20pm and smsd her saying i wanted to go to KLCC….she misunderstood my message and went home. when i finally called her just before 8pm, then she realized her mistake and i ended up in the LRT station at around 8.40 pm. Took us another 30 mins to get to KLCC and finally met up with Wilson at 9.15 pm. So we went to grab a bite at a mamak stall that was clearing up their stuff and Wilson paid for it coz he said we susah payah come down all the way just to see him (it was his bday and erin wanted to pass him his prezzie). And we sat there chatting till 11 pm (KLCC actually closes at 10 pm) with all the shops closed and the cleaners mopping the floor. Then we took the LRT back (the last train) and went home (Wilson’s stop was before ours – University station). Erin & I talked till like 3 am before going to sleep.

The next morning she woke up early and around 9.30 am i woke up to see her off before she left {im not going to be a lousy host!} then went back to sleep and woke up at 3 pm {i kno u guys must be thinking…OMG! so late!}. And juz lepak at home……

On Fri juz lepak at home…….

Sat wouldnt be any different i guess
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