Merdeka Plans?

Seems like everyone is out and about tonight:

  • Jef ajaked to kareoke – he’s sponsoring rm250 for everyone
  • Craigy ajakd to shah alam for drinking session – his treat
  • Taufie ajak to lepak at his house
  • Ikano has a merdeka celebration – its near my house
  • Pam’s KDU friends are having celebration in genting – only RM25 for food, accom & drinks – sounds almost too cheap to be true
  • Ariff & gang goin to KLCC via LRT and asking if I wana ikot
  • Photography session at the Fireworks show in Putrajaya
  • Friday morning : Go down to PD and spend the night there, come back on Sat

Me? I’d prefer slipping in between the sheets and snuggling with someone. Without a care in the world. And perhaps watching the fireworks outside our hotel room window. BUT, I totally doubt that’s goinna happen, so perhaps its just a quiet long weekend at home – as it has been for the past i-dunno-how-many years.

Have fun tho people!

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