Merry Christmas!

December has been a crazy crazy month. What I thought was a relaxed end of the year ended up with having work pile upon work every single day.

christmasThis Christmas is quiet. My parents didn’t even put up a tree this year. I wonder if its because my sister is still in the UK and not coming back for Christmas but my mom said she’s tired. Plus we’d usually put it up in November or so but we were overseas. So I guess that’s why.

So this long weekend will be a pretty quiet time with the family. I’ve been out a lot and having long hours at work (till 1 am last week! :( ) so it’ll be nice to have some downtime.

Anyway, here’s hoping you are having a great Christmas surrounded by family and friends!



p/s: I’ll be posting a giveaway contest later in the week so stay tuned!

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