Merry Christmas 2010

Christmas rolls around and I’m busy baking and cooking stuff.

choccrinkle baking

Been testing out some recipes. One is Chocolate Crinkles but they turned out a bit too flat so might want to try that again. Its one of my favourite cookies but I’ve never done it for myself. Also my mom did her usual pineapple tarts.


Have been busy cooking as well. Having a small makan-makan on Sunday and I’ve already been busy preparing (helping mom) cook. Also tested out making my own pizza. Its really not as hard as I thought it would be. I think part of the reason why we’re rajin is coz we have a new revamped kitchen. Whee!

So anyway, to those who are celebrating, Merry Christmas and to those who are not, have a great holiday!

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  • Isabel

    Urgh.. All this food temptation has to stop! >_< my mum just made fried 'nga ku' and there's 3 jars sitting in the kitchen. I swear they whisper to me every time I walk past =/

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