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Messed up Day!! @#@%$%^^&!!

Feel so frustrated………

This morning when my sister woke up to school she and my dad were so noisy that I woke up before going back to sleep. As a result of that, i overslept and missed my morning bus. So I had to persuade my mom to send me which kind of pissed her off coz she hates sending me all the way. Not only that, I realized I actually slept on my specs {I wear contacts during the day and specs at nite} so its all bent out of shape…cant really wear it now :(

Then I had a presentation based on group work. The person who was in charged of making the board – where we put our notes – called me early this morning and complained that the other group mate’s information is not enough and also explained that she slept early the night before without doing it. So i just asked her todo what she can and bring it to the class. Time check : 10 am

Then i went to 11 am class a bit late. And while the other groups presented…waited and waited for her. She finally turned up like 15 mins before the class finished – EMPTY HANDED. And i was like WTF?!!? Then I asked if she at least had the notes…..and she said it’s all in her thumbdrive. So because of that I lost 10 marks for no presentation and another 15 marks is still depending on the quality of her work.

To add to that, i left my handphone in the car and dont have a phone now till around 3 pm. Its actually lunch but I dont feel like eating anything. Besides, I was too frustrated to eat.

Anyway, i have a class now so I gotta run before I’m too late.

Current mood: Frustrated
Now Listening to: Nothing – now in uni’s lab

That evening, I was supposed to take the 3 pm bus to Kelana Jaya but somehow I ended up on the wrong bus. The driver was the same as the KJ 12pm bus so I juz got up. When the bus was on the way, i realized it was only going to stop in Masjid Jamek – in the heart of KL – a 1.5 hour ride!!

As I didnt have my phone, i couldnt contact my mom and had to wait till i reached MJ. Den i walked a few blocks and found a public phone. Problem was, i dont remember my dad’s,mom’s or sister’s phone number. So I just called my own phone and my sis picked up. So i explain to her the whole situation and asked for my dad’s num. She didnt but instead passed the phone to my mom, then i had to explain the whole thing again. And asked for my dad’s number. Then she was so slow in answering that RM2 gone just like that. Haih~~!!!

Lucky i had a phone card with around Rm5.50 in it. So i called and asked for my dad’s hp num straight away. So I called him asking wat time he was going back and arranged to meet in KLCC to go back together. So, after eating at MJ, I took an LRT to KLCC den walked around…looking for jeans and when i met my dad, i asked him to buy (very dark blue jeans from Isetan – RM89), and we went to eat at 1901 American Hotdogs. Den we went to Kinokuniya coz I was looking for a textbook for school (Microsoft Office 2000 : Enhanced Edition) so I bought some stationary. Den we went back…..

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