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I’ve been busy lah, running here and there, trying (keyword is TRYing) to complete the neverending lists of assignments. XP Anyway, I took a well deserved {yeah rite} rest and skipped the only class I had on Wednesday to go out on Tuesday nite to Beach Club.

Its my first time there and I noticed a few things. It was full of pilak (that’s sabah speak for Filipinos) prostitutes that were feeling up expats and local guys, be it young or old, fat or thin. I went with a bunch of guy friends and they were all approached at some point while i sat at the table watching (and drinking of course :P). Then we went to eat supper at Jln Alor – eating boiled kerang (yums!!) in the middle of the morning (around 4am) is probably not good for the stomach but I just bantai coz it was super the sedap and fresh.

The guys were laughing about wat each other did and who they danced with (think only gals gossip? NOT!!) and they mentioned that the rates offered by those “ladies” was RM100 a nite, and the customer has to pay for the acommodation in some cheesy cheap motel.

Then they talked about this particular “regular” there who gave one of the guys her number. He called her & at one point, he asked why was she working in that “industry”. She started crying and explaining that she has a 3 yr old child in Thailand. She said “I have no choice, i have to support my family.” She was probably around 25. Sad, but true.

He had an off day on Wed so we went out. While waiting for him to turn up, I stopped by Body Glove and bought a new bag. Its really nice and the strap can be adjusted to hold the bag horizontally or vertically because it opens up both ways anyway :P

He promised to get me a present for my Birthday and he admitted that he absolutely didnt kno wat to get because he’s lousy at buying stuff for others (But perfectly good at buying stuff for himself – this guy shops MORE than me :). So he asked me to picked something out for myself. He suggested getting clothes but I declined saying that its a bad omen for the Chinese if u give clothes to your bf/gf/spouse because it means that you can change partners easily, just like clothes. Besides, I dont want him to kno my size. So he said he’ll get me a perfume. Yay!! I looked around the perfume counters in Metrojaya & Parkson in BB. The new Gautier unisex perfume is nice, but not really my taste. Then it was a toss up between Estee Lauder’s Pleasures Intense or DKNY Be Delicious. He liked the EL one but he said that one of his staff wears it. I liked both. I smsed Pam for her opinion and this is what she said “if its for daily use, get the DKNY one. I dont think the other feminine perfume suits you. No offence :P” {Erk, im un-feminine eh?}

The bottle came in 2 sizes : small($175) & big($250). There was this promotion if you bought something more than RM220, you get this really nice reversible bag. But then he said “We get the small one yea, what do you think?” and I said “up to you lah” (coz im not the one paying) while in my heart I was thinking, ‘alar :(‘.

ahh!! rugi!! should have topped up the additional 65 ringgit by myself. But if I did that, he’ll insist to pay it anyway, I dont feel nice la. Pam said “He should have been the gentleman & bought you the bigger one” but I replied “wei, its only been a month, cant insist for too much, later he lari bertempiaran coz too demanding.”

Hehe, its still sweet of him to get something expensive :)


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