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Mini Blogger’s Gathering 2008

I just came back from a blogger’s gathering. What blogger’s gathering, you ask? This one..

Its a blogger’s gathering organized by Evie of evelynholic and Calvin of recordedmoments. This is their 2nd annual gathering. They organized one last year but I couldn’t make it and cant remember what excuse did I use. lol!

Marche had some negative points last nite – the aircon had problems and the seating area was a bit cramped – but it was really fun to meet up with bloggers that I havent met before. Some looked familiar and others I haven’t even heard of their blogs (heh, sorry!).

I remember sitting down and chit chatting when I asked one of the bloggers (JenkinYat to be exact) if he was also in LYN and he said yes. Then when I mentioned my nick there then a few of them went “Ooooo..always see ur name everyway”. Yes, I know, i got nothing better to do nowadays. LOL!

Bloggers who attended :

  • Evie
  • Calvin
  • Jenkin Yat
  • Thomas
  • Royal Shortness aka Brian David (At first I forgot ur name but i luckily I rmbred ur blog address for very obvious reasons.err..better no need to elaborate)
  • Brian’s gf – Hsu Jen
  • Chee Ching
  • Itchy hands something something (sori forgot ur name)
  • That nice guy who helped me open my bottle and got classes on weekends (sori , also forgot ur name)
  • A Mirian girl (err.)
  • Another Mirian girl (um..yea well)
  • more people I don’t really remember their names/blog address. Will update again later

Yes, I am VERY BAD with names. Gotta wait for Evie to get back to us with the list (when and if she actually does). Hehe! Still, nice to meet you guys tho :D

p/s: We lepaked in SS2 opposite the police station and Ib saw me and only called me (on the phone) just as he left. Ceh! Din even tegur la? I merajuk now. Happy bday btw :P


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