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Miri, here I come

Im going to miri on Friday….

From KLIA (KUL) to Miri (MYY)
Friday, 08/04/2005 ~ Flight 256
Depart KLIA (KUL) at 15:15 and arrive in Miri (MYY) at 17:30

From Miri (MYY) to KLIA (KUL)
Sunday, 17/04/2005 ~ Flight 259
Depart Miri (MYY) at 21:40 and arrive in KLIA (KUL) at 23:50

Bestnye tgk gegambar Emy kat Kuching….i miss that place so much

Oh yeah…..dont tell others im coming :P

…Birthday Wishes…

Happy Birthday Omar :D

Happy 20th Birthday Gloria (on Thursday)


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