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Mistaken Identities

Incident Numero Uno

Some time ago, I was at Idaman with Pam & her KDU frens. Then there was this one guy whom she didnt really know well – I’ll call him Mr I – and whom i had no idea who he was came and sat at the same table. Then somehow or another, we got talking about the CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2006. One girl, Nana, and I were kutuk-ing about how the guys didnt kno how to answer the questions, gave lame answers, and wasn’t even cute AT ALL. The two of us went on and on, i even went so far as to say “I didnt even buy the magazine that mth coz it was all about the bachelors”.

After that, someone came up and teased Mr I about being one of the Bachelors. OPPSSS!!!! He was sitting at the same table when we were kutuking the bachelors. Nana and I looked at each other with an “oh shit!” expression and we covered up by saying “not all were bad, a few were ok”. Haha!!

Incident Numero Due

Another time I was in Hartamas with Pam, Cass & Pam’s other frens when I sat next to this couple. I was thinking they looked a little familiar but I didn’t put much thought into it. The gal – she introduced herself as Hani – was talking to Cass about shopping and I was half listening coz I was busy watching the game (Netherlands was playing) when I heard something like “Im pretty much on my own the rest of the days so can go shopping and stuff.” I was curious to find out what she was working as coz she had so much free time so I asked “So what do you do?” and she answered “Oh I host a show, its live so I have to go to the studio on Tuesdays” to which I answered “Ohh okay, no wonder u have so much free time” and continued watching the game.

On the way back, after sending Pam’s fren to Shah Alam and Cass to PJ, we were talking about the people that night. Then Pam said, “Did you know who u were sitting next to?” and i was like “no” and she was like, “That’s Yasmin Hani lah” and I was like “Oooo…no wonder she said she was hosting a show. Haha!” Well, what can I say? Its like like i watch TV – I dont even have Astro – and I have no idea who Malaysian celebs are.

Incident Numero Tre

I was chatting with a guy friend online who used to always try to “ajak main” but I always didnt want to. He suddenly had this pic of a lady on his display pic so i said “Eh, siapa makcik tu?” then he juz smiled and went offline. Then a few hours later he came back online, with a different picture, but the same lady’s pic. I couldnt help but msg him and say “lah…gambar janda tu lagi?” and he went offline.

The next day, he was online with a picture of him and that lady side by side. I was already feeling weird at this. This guy friend of mine is 30+ but he looks late 20s. The lady in the pic looks old enough to be his mother auntie – somewhere in early 40s. Seeing their pic together made me think : Oh shit is it his gf? So I asked him straight away “Is she ur gf?” and he answered “yes”. Oh shit!! I juz made some lame joke and didnt know what else to say so juz kept quiet. Haha! Me and my big mouth.

Talk about Mistaken Identities :P

[ Update:] FUck!!! I juz found out that the “makcik” i was kutuk-ing is actually an chat friend of mine from singapore, I even have her on my myspace list. I am SOOOO screwed if her bf told her what I said about her.

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