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Movie Review : The Adjustment Bureau

Have you ever wondered why certain things happened to you just at the right time and the right place? Some might call it divine intervention, some call it sourcing (based on “The Secret”), others call it coincidence.

But to them, to these people, it was all expected. They knew it was happening, and they knew it was according to plan.

The story starts off with bad boy turned politician David Norris (Matt Damon) who tries to run for Senate. It shows him campaigning against much more older and seasoned opponents. Part of his charm, I think, is how he is close to the young people. Saying that the older candidates don’t understand them, basically doing what I call “mendekati rakyat”. Then he finds his dreams dashed by photo from his bad past and his ranking in the polls dropped.

And just as you were thinking the movie is a political movie, that’s when the politics fade away.

He bumps into a mysterious lady in the weirdest place to meet a woman, who proceeds in changing his perceptions of life around him just by simple conversation and a kiss. She was a stranger to him, and yet, he bumped into her again and again, in the most unlikely places, only to be torn apart. There is always something, or someone forcing them apart.

He then has to choose between fate and let thing run as planned, or fight it and choose free will.

You really must watch this movie as I found it to be entertaining and a good movie.  The story was a unique concept on an idea that has been portrayed before but this certainly was a fresh difference. Definitely better as average so I give this a 6-7 over 10.

Now watch the trailer below :

As always, thank you to UIP Malaysia (Facebook page) for the premiere tickets to view this movie.

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