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[Movie Review] The X-Files: I Want to Believe

OKay, this is going to be short and sweet coz I went out drinking after the movie and only came back around 2-3am then for no apparent reason woke up at 7am this morning. Tired and a bit hungover.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

The story is set in a time where both Scully and Mulder have moved on from their lives in the FBI. Scully is a doctor and Mulder is, well, he’s still searching for the truth out there. Then, the FBI comes out of no where and asks for their help because a case they are currently solving involves some out-of-this-world elements. This forces both Scully and Mulder to be involved hand-in-hand with the FBI to solve the case.

Well, X Files fans, don’t expect to see your usual X-Files type of movie. This is a standalone movie which is nothing like the series. So you might be dissapointed. I felt like this movie lack so many elements. The plot is not really thought out well because it felt slow and draggy. Characters were kind of just there for the sake of being there.

It could have been a really good thriller movie with lots of suspense and sudden movements. Or it could hv been a good slasher movie with lots of blood and gore. But it was just somewhere in between, lacking that ‘omph’ factor. All in all, give this a miss. I wouldn’t even download/buy a pirated copy. its *that* boring.

[spoiler]Wasn’t it too much of a ‘coincidence’ that Scully found out about the head transplant thingy just when she was doing stem cell research. Are they even related? and the mad scientist being a russian – oh so cliche[/spoiler]

Rating : (*) 1 out of 5 stars


On another note, much thanks to +sizekitten for giving free tickets to watch this movie @ Cineleisure. Met up with other bloggers/photobloggers as well there : ‘Uncle’ Frog Prince, Hurley, Joyce (not a tarp!), Tiffany, Ewin and a few others (sorry I dont hv your links and I’m very bad with names). I didn’t know any of them – tho I did know Joyce coz I sometimes comment on his blog – but it was fun meeting new ppl. We should hang out one day :D

Um..this post isn’t as short as I tot it would be. LOL!

Edit : Changed the links to show the reviews from the other bloggers :)


  • Frog Prince

    you too huh? lucky it’s free, kakaka.

    nice blog, i have put a link from my blog, hoped you don’t mind and nice to meet you.

    yup, we should hang out more often, then this uncle don’t feel so uncle at all kakakaka.

  • IcedNyior

    Well that was just my opinion about the show. Yahoo!Movies voted it an A- so perhaps it depends on preference. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of X-Files anyway

  • miu

    X-Files so draggy n boring, i agree with u. I think Mummy would hit it off the shelve lol.

    Thanks for coming to join us Nyior! you’re so cute ^_^

    got time to hang out somore after movie! fuhhh busy lady!!!

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