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Murphy’s Law

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. ~ Murphy’s Law [wiki]

On Thursday I found out that i failed my math midterm exam but i kinda expected that oredi so takpe lah. That day, I went so early (at 9am) to uni even tho my class started at 1.30pm wasting time then i had to take the bus back at 6.30pm coz nick went back even tho my class ended at 5pm.

So hung out in the lab kejap…but every computer i used had some problem or another – no internet connection la, keeps restarting la, internet slow – so kinda got fed up eventually and took a nap in the lab..hehe :P At around 6.30pm, i went to wait for the bus at the entrance and as I was walking out of the uni, the bus juz passed me by. It didnt even stop for me!! Pukimak tul~!!. So there I was, stuck in cyberjaya with no transport back, at 6.45pm. AND it was raining…AND i was waiting in the rain for that bus.

At that point i had 3 options :
(1) get my parents to pick me up – petrol (RM10++) & toll (RM4)
but that would be really really late coz it was jammed everywhere plus it would be quite expensive on petrol & toll(2) take a public bus to Pasar Seni (RM4-5) then LRT to KJ (RM2) & taxi home (RM8-9)
but it would take about 2 hours and i had to wait in the rain again. Total cost = RM 15-16

(3) take a taxi to Putrajaya ERL station (RM??) and take ERL to KL Central (RM9) then LRT to KJ (RM2.10) & taxi home (RM 8-9)
but i didnt kno how much the taxi to the ERL station would cost and i only had a few ringgit in my wallet. Total cost = RM 11+??

I called my dad and explained the situation and we settled on option No 3 because it was the fastest and safest way back. And because I wasnt sure if i had enough cash, my dad decided to bank in money to my BCB account because there was an ATM machine in the uni.

However, the ATM machine was not working and so I couldnt withdraw any money. Decided to just risk it by taking option (c) and praying that I had enough cash.

Lucky for me, the taxi ride was only RM11. *heave a big sigh of relief* I actually fell asleep in the taxi coz I was so tired. I never realized that it was actually pretty near. I expected it to be around RM15-20 due to the fact that they are always waiting in front of my uni and maybe they hiked up the prices – to tipu the foreign students and all.

Heh! I remembered the ticket for the ERL is less than RM10 coz there was this other time that i got stranded in the station without a sen on me and I had to call Cik Delinn at 11pm and paksa her out of bed to drive down to the station to pass me RM10 (minta ampun linnnn…). Punya main takut me masa kena stranded tu. Kalo linn tak angkat phone..mmg i dok sana je la sampai morning to call someone to come pick me up before goin to uni.

I met up with my dad and G at the LRT station and my mom picked us up from KJ. Finally reached home around 9.30pm after my long day and tiring “adventure”.As Murphy’s Law states, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong……Screw u Murphy *puts tongue out*


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