My bed broke

If you have been keeping updated on my pacmee (type ON COCONUTICE to 22700 – for maxis/hotlink users only) or noticed my SMS updates on the right, then you would have known that my bed broke this morning. Yea, don’t laugh!


No, I did not have a all-night sex marathon. I wish! My bed has been creaky, shaky and uneven for months now. Not only that, it has been broken slightly here and there and this morning, it decided to fall apart.

So this evening after class (which was yet ANOTHER waste of time), I went with mum to go and check out beds. We went to Courts then IKEA and finally Harvey Norman. Wow! They really did have amazing stuff there.

There was this really nice 6 seater dining table made out of black metal and a top of smooth black granite (like in the picture of the counter top from American Home Craft Inc. Come to think of it, there are many more nice stuff at AHCI like windows (with a lifetime warranty that it wont break) and gorgeous wood kitchen cabinets.

Anyway, I should be getting a new solid divan with a headboard and thick mattress soon. Yey!


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