My bedroom

My bedroom is downstairs. Yep, its downstairs. All the other bedrooms in our house is upstairs. There are three bedrooms upstairs – master bedroom and 2 other rooms (which are my sisters’) that has an adjoining toilet. My sisters like to joke that its the maid’s room because its near the kitchen.

The good thing is, its more private. My friends and I can come and go as we please, even late at night after clubbing. We can also have sleepovers without worrying if the others can hear outside the doors. The bad thing is sometimes I have ants walking around outside my room. The fact that we have midnight snacks and food while we’re gossiping in the middle of the night makes it worst.

Perhaps we should call pest control. Luckily we don’t have other pests like rats or termites like in some houses. Perhaps we should call companies like Terminix. As of now, we just spray them.

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