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My buta-IT sister

You kno, i always had the impression that it was pepakciks and memakciks the older generation who didnt know basic computer skills. Little did I know that my17-year-old sister who just finished SPM last year (in Science stream, may I add) was lacking in that department.

I met up with some chatters from KL4 or KL2, not really sure :P at KLCC then i got this text message: “Che (big sister) kenot go online :(( what to do?”

I replied: “Dunno, wait till I come back”

Then I got home at 8pm but didnt get to look at my pc or the internet problem because my relatives were around for dinner so was busy layaning them and such. Keep asking questions to my sis asking “Does the laptop hv connection?” “No” “Is the 2 pc icon blinking?” “yes “does the laptop detect any wireless signals?” “dunno” “did u try restarting everything – pc, router & modem?” “yes” “did u change any settings on the pc?” “No” “Then technically it should work fine what”.

Was sooo tired that i felt asleep at midnite and got up at 2am, when i finally got the chance to look at my PC which was right next to my bed. Everything seems ok with it, so i look at the ethernet port to see if the cable is connected. Yes it was, then i looked at the router – it was ok. Then when i looked at the modem i spotted the problem.

It was NOT EVEN connected to the phone jack…….!! (-_-;)

My blog has been stuck at the depressing post for ages. Didnt have anything much to update, plus I’ve been busy doing other stuff online:

  • Am now selling stuff – mostly textbooks – on Ebay Malaysia. Click the link to my Ebay >>here
  • Finished the DRAP-Mercy blog – THey wanted a simple design, looks kinda plain to me, but the customer is always right.
  • Helped Nick with his blog template – No, I didnt design it, juz helped him tweak it a bit. I oso think its messy with all the scrolling :P plus his links are all over the place :P Plus he banyak songeh (very particular)
  • Finally completed the template for OneNightStands – am very happy with the design. Not my own but tweaked it abit. We are currently looking for contributers, please email
  • Busy learning CSS from W3Schools.
  • Editing ONS pics
  • Downloading House – Season 1 & 2 & Desperate Housewives Season 1 & 2. House DVD extras already finished downloading :D Cant download anymore coz hard disk full odi.
  • Need to go pick up something from Kak lina :P

Tonight Nick and I are goin to crash the Limkokwing freshies night at Cyberjaya because we want to go meet some friends, plus I didnt attend my own freshies nite so wanted to take a look see. Have to wear black – no surprise there!

Went to meet up with some chatters on Sat afternoon. Here are the pictures we took:

On another note, I just found out that Sarawak Tribune’s license was suspended indefinatly. I heard around 300 employees were laid off.

PUTRAJAYA 8 Feb. – Kerajaan menggantung permit akhbar Sarawak Tribune setelah jemaah menteri secara lantang menyuarakan kemarahan terhadap akhbar itu dalam mesyuarat mereka hari ini.

Kabinet menyifatkan tindakan akhbar berkenaan sebagai tidak bertanggungjawab dan tidak sensitif apabila menyiarkan semula karikatur menghina Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. walaupun menyedari perkara itu telah membangkitkan kemarahan umat Islam seluruh dunia.

Bagaimanapun, penggantungan yang berkuat kuasa hari ini tidak ditetapkan tempohnya.

Excerpt from Utusan Malaysia Online

News Clippings from yesterday and today:

Sarawak Daily Apologizes to Muslims for printing cartoons
Action against paper likely
Permit Sarawak Tribune Digantung
Pengurusan Akhbar Akur Keputusan Kabinet


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