My Christmas Crazy Roommate

Did you notice that shops are starting to sell Christmas-y stuff even though its only early November? Even all those beauty companies are starting to have Christmas promotions and all that. Mampos la. How will i ever survive? Get cash advance loans? I don’t even have a credit card – which is probably a good thing, especially with my addiction to online shopping. Haha!

Okay back to the subject. Way back when I was in uni, I had this roommate who was utterly nuts about Christmas. She actually felt the Christmas spirit as early as July!! So when I got into the room after a long day at class, or to take a nap when I had long breaks in between classes, there she’ll be, playing songs like “I saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus” and “Silent Night” on her laptop and singing happily to herself.

Once, she even organized an exchanging Christmas gift thingy at the end of the year and forced encouraged us to participate. We did and she was most excited of all. She even piled up the gifts at one corner, took a camera to take a photo of the gifts and said (probably out of habit), “One, Two, Three, Smile!!”. Yes, she asked a pile of gifts to “Smile”. We really cracked up on that one.

Well, I would admit that it was fun. Always nice to give gifts to the people you care about. Ah, now I have about two months to think about what to give to the family and close friends. Hurm…

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