My Dad the ‘Handyman’

My dad is like most men. He likes to put things together and take things apart. You know, all that mechanical stuff, electronics, robotics – as long as it has moving parts, men will like it.

I remembered back when I was younger that our doorbell didn’t work. So one afternoon my dad went to the front gate of our house armed with a screw driver and decided to take it apart. The thing is, he never quite figured out how to put it all back so we never had a doorbell after that.

Then there was this time we had this leaky faucet. Water was dripping into the kitchen sink. So my dad, the “handyman’ took out the wrench and tried to tighten the handles. But he forgot to switch off the main water pipe so water was sprayed everywhere! Haha! I remembered that day there was so much havoc and screaming because the water just wouldn’t stop spouting out like a water fountain.

Someone had to go to the main water pipe and switch it off. And we were left standing in a flooded kitchen in soaking wet clothes. Mummy wasn’t too happy about it but at least my dad tried right? Perhaps he should go take Plumbing Courses before attempting something like that again.


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