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My digital photos are here (& how to get yours for free!)

A few days ago, I wrote this post titled [Tutorial] Print Digital Photos online with EOE that showed you a step by step method on how to get your digital photos printed online at EOE’s website and sent straight to your doorstep.

eoe_online2 eoe_online1

A few days after I have made my order, I got my package. Its a nicely wrapped 50pcs of 4R photos and 2 pcs of 8R photos. As you can see, I printed a lot of my graduation photos – since they were all digital photos and I wanted a hard copy.

Each 4R print only costs RM0.30 and each 8R photos is RM6 each. Also you get free delivery when you make orders above RM35. Basically you can just collect all your digital photos from your friends and print about RM120 pcs to get free delivery.

So, How to get yours free?

If you are a Blogger, EOE online invites you to review and write about their service. In return, you will get to print some photos for FREE. Yes you heard me, FREE. They will even post it your your house. Awesome right? I wish more companies did this

Check out : to find out more :D


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