my first time

i didnt go to zouk last nite coz there was an event so we ended up in nouvo. The cover charge was pricey (its free entry for ladies before midnite but i was late so had to pay RM30+1 drink). Oh yeah i wore a pink halter & a black short skirt which a guy fren said was “hot” :P It was fun clubbing with aree, “liz”, sharani & eve. We danced, drank and laughed the night away.

On a cool note : we opened up the dance floor that night. It was empty when we came and we were the only ones dancing and ppl gradually filled up the dance floor. There was this guy who kept trying to dance with my friends and they kept pushing him away after he got all touchy feely :P

On an embaressing note : I tripped in nouvo *blushes* I juz came and was walking down a few steps when i missed the last step and fell on my knees. My friends all asked if i was ok. I instantly got up and acted a bit tipsy (even tho i didnt even drink anything) to cover up. Lucky for me, only a few people saw.

We all reached aree’s place (in cyberjaya) at around 5 am and went to bed. I woke up at 8 coz they asked me to wake everyone up. But eventually they all couldnt get up so i went back to sleep and we all got up at 9 am and went to uni soon after then my mom picked me up at 1.30 pm, got back at 3 pm.

*** And that was my first time…in nouvo***

He was in KL for business so we managed to meet up for 2 hrs b4 he left. He did seem stressed out but we had fun :D

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