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My Genting Trip

The Genting trip was uber-fun!! We had such a great time riding this and that, taking photos here and there. But im getting waaay ahead of myself.

We all met up at KL Central at around 8am. Oh i actually met Aaron and Hiro (Rachel’s housemate – a Japanese student studying in Miri) and we proceeded to buy tickets to Genting. Looking at the timetable, we decided on going at 9am. So I told the ticket seller:

Me : Bang, empat tiket ke genting kul 9am
Ticket Seller (TS) : nak balik kul brapa?
Me : Err….*turns back to the others* what time u wana go back? *after some deliberations* ohh kul 3.30 (pm).
TS : Takde kul 3.30. Ada kul 3 ngan 4 je.
Aaron : *sampuk from the back* Kul 3.30 ada tak?
The rest of us : Lerrrr……

The bus going there was at 8.30am because the cable car was not working so the bus goes all the way to the top. On the way, Rach and I were gossiping talking and gossiping laughing about the people we knew back in Curtin and KK. She was telling me stories and likewise. Ohh I miss the people back in KK and Curtin. So many memories.
We finally reached Genting after a whole lot of tosses and turns. And was hungry so we went to scout around for food. All of us wanted to have Burger King but at that time they were only selling the breakfast set so we went to McDs for their McEgg/Sausage Muffin. Oh and I had a cone sundae – so mahal oo..rm2 for the kecik one. But it is Genting, so understandable.

Then we walked around all the hotels in Genting and also peeked into the casino. I got stopped by the pak guard coz Im underaged :( Im turning 21 in September so they didnt let me in. Hiro was also stopped because he was using sandals. So both of us juz waited outside lepaking and attempted to make small talk :P We also stopped by the WorldCard Office in Genting to upgrade Rach and Aaron’s one while Hiro and I applied for new cards – its free maaa. If i known earlier, i could have collected so much points from starbucks and coffeebean.

Only after that did we enter the outdoor theme park and got ourselves the wristband and played all the rides. One of the smaller roller coasters was closed for maintainance so we didnt get to ride on that. And we also didnt ride on the Super Tobaggan coz it has a weight limit of 70kg and below – only rach was within the limit and she didnt want to go alone.

There was a new – well, not so new – ride called flying coaster where you are lying on your stomach as it goes around the track. But for some weird reason they painted it Spiderman-red-and-blue-with-black-web-markings. I thought they should have painted it more towards the theme of Superman. Anyway we all bought a photo souvenier of the ride :D

After a whole afternoon of walking and playing all the rides and cam-whoring at all the weirdest places. We had lunch at Pizza Hut – the cheesy bites pizza. Then took the bus back to KL Central.

P/s: I got a fever the moment i got back..probably the change in the weather and the fact that I didnt sleep the night before.


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