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My Graduation Day

The big day is here! After a few calls and sms-es to make sure that I really am graduating and after one day of rehearsals, its finally D-Day. This post will be picture heavy.

After a night of clubbing with my new found friends at Laundry Bar & Mystique (and had way too much to drink), it was hard to get up to go to campus at 11am. Had to register then go and lepak with my classmates – some were taking photos and all that.

The rolled out red carpet and kompang, all ready for the guests.
Then at 12.30pm we had to all adjourn to the holding area to arrange everybody based on their course. There were so many graduates from all sorts of different Diplomas and Degrees. I can’t remember the exact numbers but its defiantly more than 200 students.

Snapping a photo before lining up. Yea, most of my classmates are guys

At 2pm, the guests and parents started arriving (some bearing flowers). After almost two hours of arranging and screaming from the coordinators to line up everyone, we finally entered the hall at 3pm sharp. Standing tall and proud. Entering two rows at a time.

After an opening song and only one speech by Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, the ceremony started. The diploma students did’ not have to use the mortar board (that’s the hat with the tassel). Different faculties have different coloured tassels. Yellow is for the IT faculty.

Right after getting my degree

After all the diploma, degree and awards giving, there was two more songs. The best part about this graduation ceremony is that its very formal and yet informal. We could clap and laugh and dance around during the songs. Especially the last upbeat song (can’t remember the title) where some people standing on the chair and jumping.

Then we had to arrange ourselves again for the final big group picture. Surprisingly it was a fast affair, all of the graduates were arranged nicely in less than 15 minutes. Supposedly the picture will come out sometime this week in the papers but I haven’t seen it yet :(

Happy (tho tired) faces

And after that it was time to enjoy and celebrate. We snapped pics here and there – with friends, with lecturers, with parents. Before I finally headed back at 5.30pm.

Congrats guys! We made it. Thanks to my parents (most of all), all my lecturers (even the lansi face ones) and my friends. Thanks to Pam and Fariz who took time to text me during the ceremony :P Thanks to everyone on YM/MSN/my blog who congratulated me.

Complete album in my facebook. Photos from my other classmates – Ryan, Taufiq and Linda.

Actually, I was kinda surprised that I didn’t get a congratulation from you. No sms or email or offline msg. Paling buruk just one letter in my sbox would hv been nice. Oh well, don’t bother.

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