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My new beauty blog

I’ve started a new beauty blog some time ago with my sister. We haven’t really actively posted on it yet. But we’re going to write reviews on products – such as Acne Complex, shampoo, creams – that we’ve used. I think there’s not enough places to read reviews about products in Malaysia. Most of the websites I’ve seen in overseas which is not the same due to our asian skintype and environment.

My sister has oily, acne prone skin which is sensitive to some products while I have combination skin which can generally take most products. I think its a good mix :D

Speaking of acne, I was walking around in Ikano Shopping Center and saw that they have this center for skincare. Particularly for Murad Acne treatment or something. The facial was really cheap, perhaps I’d ask my sister to try it out and we can review it on our beauty blog. We’ll see

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