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My not-so-perfect life

I got into a big fight with my parents today. What started off as a simple argument turned out into a full-blown fight. It started with my Mom assuming that I made a mess, when actually it wasn’t me. She still continued scolding, then i also fought back coz she got the wrong person.

Then my dad got into the picture, and of course took my mom’s side. Then they ungkit (bring up) everything they weren’t satisfied about from before till now. So me being rebellious & sarcastic also lawan balik. One of my sisters who was there juz laughed at the whole thing and that made me even more pissed off.

So we ended the fight by screaming at each other and I changed and proceeded to walk out of the house. My dad was shocked and tried to stop me, asking me where i was going to go but I just untangled myself from his grip and walked away – on foot – to god knows where.

I went to reload my hp at a nearby shop & eat dinner – which i havent taken even tho it was almost 10pm – then had to decide what to do at that point. I had a few options :

(a) Stay over at my ex-bf’s place just so that I dont have to go home – but he’ll try to pujuk me to get back together with him, which is something I don’t want to do. Plus, I’ll be indebted to him for taking care of me.

(b) Lepak with friends – but Erin went back to KK, Nick had a family dinner and P was at office

(c) Hang around in that mamak stall till morning – but I’ll be dead bored and look really pathetic

Decided to meet P at his office and later go out mamaking with Nick at Bangsar – since i din really eat anything earlier. I think my eyes look swollen abit due to all the crying. Took a taxi to KJ & went down to KLCC.

My dad smsed something along the lines of “I-care-for-you-take-care” kind of thing which he uses EVERYTIME we have an argument. So i replied saying that its meaningless to me already.

Feel like dont want to go back :(
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  • IcedNyior

    @ Moody
    Im not a lil girl >:P Since when is life easy?

    @ mamabat
    i tau la dierorg sayang

    @ Deejay
    I know they care for me but sikkan tiap kali mun got argument, sidak can just easily mend everything with just mere words.
    I was hurt, I felt that I was looked down upon, and I was at an unfair situation where I was innocent

  • DeeJay

    Before i became a parent, the world was mine, when I had a baby, she is and will always be my (and my wife’s) world. For ur dad to sms u those texts it means he is thinking of u gurl… whatever it is, at least he made an effort and he cares. Just my 2 sens thought anyway :)

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