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My Online Shopping Addiction

My name is IcedNyior and I’m an online shopaholic.

Its weird you know. Ask any of my friends like Pam or Aree and ask them how I am when we go out shopping. I’m usually the one who tags along, gives comments and only once in a while do I buy something – and that is quite seldom.

However, online shopping hit me like a mind blowing orgasm. LOL! Its so hard to stop myself from transferring over money for this or that item. Sprees are the worst!

Sprees are when people all gather their orders and order stuff from international websites like Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, Sephora, Amazon, etc then save on shipping costs. Its usually organized by two people – one in US and one over here. So the websites ships the items to person in US who then ships it to someone here who then distributes it to everyone else.

So yea anyway, I got the two packages I was waiting for. Yey! I mentioned it a few posts back coz I have to wait a month for the stuff to get here.


I bought these items

  • Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry & Vanilla Body Splash = RM30
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Grapefruit Blast Double Body Mist = 2 for USD27.90
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Grapefruit Blast Body Drink Lotion= 2 for USD27.90
  • I actually bought another BBW Chocolate Amber Body Splash but I didn’t like the smell so I sold it off to someone else at the same price I bought it.


I also bought these products from elf ( at Rm50 for 6

  • Candy Shop Lip Tins – Berry Pop & Cherry Bomb
  • Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
  • Brightening Eye Colour – Drama, Luxe & Ivy
  • Brightening Eye Liner – Coffee
  • Natural Radiance Blusher – Flushed
  • Earth & Water Mascara Duo – Brown
  • Bought a few other elf items for my sisters also.

Haven’t had the chance to try it yet tho. Will write reviews soon.

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