Neighbours at 5am

Couldn’t sleep the whole nite thinking about my results today.

But i saw something really funny early this morning. My neighbour is an old lady. I looked out my window at 5 am this mornign and saw her walking all over the road picking up rubbish and throwing them in my rubbish bin. I was shocked and started observing her for about 10 mins until she re-entered her house. ( i live in a semi-detached hse). Weird….

Anyway, went out for breakfast with mom at 6.30 and then followed her around doing errands till about 9 am. Came back and went online…..tried looking for a link on the uni website to cehck results. No sign until 10 am. Called the uni, got response dat it will be out after 2pm. Went to sleep about 1 pm after lunch.

was awakened by a phone call from a fren. went online. tried for 1 hr to login but unsuccessful. Called the Uni again….they said they were trying to fix it…..have to try again tonite….

AARRRGGHHH!!! I can’t stand being on tenterhooks!

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