New Apple iMac…..& a lil something on FF XII

Came across an article about the new iMac from Apple. I’ve never had an apple but I love their software, especially those for editing movies (iMovie)….back to the new design. I think it’s great…no more white helmet thingy at the bottom. This looks neater…and the fact that the CDROM drive is slot in adds to its attractiveness. It really matches the iPod look…..coz it wuz made by the same designers. If you want to kno more, read it here

Final Fantasy XII prologue

A warrior takes sword in hand,
Clasping a gem to his heart.
Engraving vanishing memories into the sword,
He places finely honed skills into the stone.
Spoken from the sword, handed down from the stone…
Now the story can be told…

That is the story of a world called Ivalice.

The strong military kingdom known as the Arcadia Empire
That rules the Valentia Continent,
And the Rosalia Empire that rules the Ordalia Continent
Have been continuously at war for long years.

In the midst of it, Arcadia Empire invaded the small kingdom of Dalmasca,
Positioned in the hallway between the two continents and thus is geopolitically important.

Under the invasion of the Arcadia Empire, the Dalmasca Kingdom accepted defeat.
But Ashe, the rightful heir to the trone of Dalmasca,
Joined the resistance army movements to fight against the empire.

The enemy’s chase and attack of this girl with the liberation of her mother nation in heart is severe,
But, she can not be defeated.
At this moment, she meets the young man Vaan.
With this meeting, begins the change in Ashe’s heart.

And thus…

The meeting of these two people will greatly change the story of this world.

FF12 is due to be released at the second half of this year on PS2 in Japan. Too bad i dont have PS2 :( But anyway, below is the logo, and pictures of the two main characters. For more information on the game, click here.

Thumbnail of Official logo for FF12…..i think the character shown is probably the bad guy which is a big change compared to previous logos for the game as it usually has the main characters. And it’s really big compared to the rest.

Ashe…..her character reminds me of Rinoa Heartilly (FF8) because she’s part of a reformation movement. Hehe…

Vaan…the main male character….strong influences of previous FF male characters….his hair is like Squall (FF8).


Now about me…im leaving to Melaka in a few hours for the weekend so I’ll talk more on that when i come back. see ya!!

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