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New car, new phone & new year

Happy new year 2007!! What have you guys been up to? Internet here has been really fcuked up due to the Taiwan quake and all :( Its so bloody annoying. But at least we can still go online – albiet the fact that its lembap nak mampos!

With the new year comes a new template for the blog :) And one of my new year resolution is to blog more often (and dont be too lazy about updating). I must also work on my links soon. I <3 WordPress :P

My parents recently sold off the old Honda CRV and got a new black Honda City 1.5 with VTec (or something like that lah). I’ve been driving it for a week or so now and its such a smooth ride. The funny thing is when we first got it, everyone bumped their head while getting into the front seat because we were so used to a bigger car. Since I don’t know anything about cars, you can read a review >> here. < < My New Baby
I got a new phone – Sony Ericsson k800i Cybershot- but I got the limited edition silver one. Plus (being the camwhore I am) I decided to get a 1 GB Memory Stick Mirco (M2) card because the phone has 64MB only. I love the camera function being 3.2 megapixals the downside is that the video (.3gp format) is not that clear. And the batt power is a bit low. I have to charge it every 2-3 days – especially if i get lots of calls or play games on it. Overall tho its a really good cameraphone :)
Tengkiu for the phone dear :* (u kno who u are)

New Year’s Eve

How did i celebrate my New Year? Pam, Aree and I had absolutely no plans,so we decided to have a small drinking party at Pam’s place. Invited a small handfull of friends: Azril and frens who canceled on us after we had bought all the drinks and food, Aaron, J, my sis, pam, aree and myself. Aaron brought the snacks, J brought the JD and we gals bought the coke and wine.

We had lots of fun laughing, drinking, playing cards, taking photos, taking naps, taking pictuers of people taking naps, dancing to arabic music, perfecting the booty shake, sticking cards on our foreheads (its a kind of game),saying “bottoms up!” every 15 minutes, playing cho tai ti and generally ushering the new year with great friends :)

May the year 2007 bring you (my dearest readers) much prosperity, happiness, friendship and love!

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