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New LOOK!!!

Im glad I finally managed to update the look of my blog. After trying for almost 4 hours fiddling with the HTML {juz look at the time i post this!!}, i managed to adjust the template to suit my liking :) Hehe! Took ALOT of time but it’s worth it.

Im still playing around with the font colors & sizes but im generally happy with the layout. But I always always welcome suggestions :) Please post your suggestions in the COMMENTS (located at the bottom of EVERY post) or in the chatbox at the side.

Oh yes, Im meeting some frens in KLCC later….old classmates from secondary school in KK. Apparently most of them are studying in KL or in d kawasan-kawasan yg sewaktu. Hehe!

I need to go sleep now…its almost 5 am….

Im crazy arent i?

Current mood: Creative
Now Listening to: “Party Like This” by V.E. – You wanna party like this juz sing along, juz spend a little bit of money, we can dance all nite till the brink of dawn

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