New Year Roadtrip

Eventually I didn’t go to that party I mentioned earlier. I gave the tickets to my sis who assured me she was going but eventually didn’t go either. Girl, if you didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have got you the tickets and two other more deserving people would have had the chance to go for free. Tsk!

And so I ended up in a bar in Subang. Jam-free and ‘unlimited’ alcohol. What more could you ask for in a New Year’s Eve celebration? We went early, around 9.30pm and started drinking soon after we arrived. It was my fren’s fren’s wife’s birthday on the 1st so we had chocolate cake :)

It was a fun and casual night. Drank quite a lot – coz everyone was trying to get me drunk. Haha! But it was good nonetheless. Went back to my fren’s place quite early, around 2am or so – can’t quite rmbr what time. I was sleepy already and all I wanted was to crawl between the sheets and sleep. Thats why I don’t really like to drink a lot – I get sleepy.

The next morning I had to leave early, around 8-ish in the morning. Too freaking early after a night out drinking. But I had no choice, the owner of the hse wanted to go to the driving range and halau-ed me *pouts*. Grabbed some KFC before going home (I skipped dinner the night before) – I heart you KFC for having your menu 24 hrs a day unlike Macdonalds which has a separate menu for breakfast.

By the time I got home and mandi and all I didn’t feel sleepy at all so I ended up watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Then around 4pm I was chatting with a friend,

Me : Im bored and slightly hung over
Fren : Im bored too
Me : Lets go out
Fren : Where? KL so boring, plus they’ll be lots of people
Me: Yea..and its soo hot. Hmm…oh! Lets go to genting :D But you drive
Fren : Okay

Going up was ok but once we reached the top, it was so freaking cold and misty. You can hardly see 10 meters ahead of you. Eventually we decided to check into the First World instead of risking the dangerous drive back. So thats how I ended up in Genting on the 1st.

So how was your new Year celebrations?


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