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Nine hours to Phuket

Our flight is at 1245 hours today and this is what my room looked like at 2 am


An absolute mess with the three of us girls panic packing and crosschecking with each other to ensure we didn’t leave anything essential (like underwear or, god forbid, makeup!) because, as Aree repeated over and over, “you’ll never know who you’ll meet”. Hehehe!

Finally finished packing at around 3am-ish before having a much needed sleep. Tho I doubt I’ll sleep soundly tonite. Excited!

Oh, thanks to Pam for handcarrying this huge cheese cake that was so yummylicious all the way from Kota Kinabalu. It was supposed to be for her bday on 4th feb but we ate her cake first :P


Happy early birthday bamz :P


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