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23 July 2004
No point keeping up a daily commentary…im only going to post this up every Fri nite anyway. Still no sign of my parents deciding, except that they’ve finally decided to appeal (coz I got terminated) today…which leaves approx 2 weeks before the semester starts. Wow! That’s fast! *sarcastic*

Well, it is probably my fault all this happened (as my mom likes to say & I quote, “If u passed, this wont happen”) OH YEAH….like I didn’t try my best…..*NEWS FLASH* It’s over and done with, cant change that now **

Well actually, Im kinda irritated of waiting. Its boring here at home. Coz my sisters’ go to sch and Im basically stuck at home doing housework not to mention that I have no maid and my mom’s a neat freak (kinda reminds me of Rachel….but worse…no offence, Rach). So far, I’ve reorganized the CD case, read every story book in the house twice….Juz finished reading Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire for the 2nd time in a week….have a slight suspicion I’ll be reading that again next week unless I get to persuade my parents to get the next book (fat chance of that!!). My hp’s been MIA since before the exams and I still haven’t got any sign of it. Asked my dad about it for the millionth time after about a week (got sick of asking) this morning and he said, “yeah, tomorrow morning lah”…now, where have I heard that before??

Oh, did I mention that it’s 7 am now…listening to Jason Lo & Rudy on Hitz.FM, don’t get good radio channels back in Miri. Hehe!! Except for the fact that I listen to it 24/7, even in the shower, I tend to hear the same songs 2-3 times a day…understandable coz they have to play the top hits to suit their listeners and since it’s mostly R&B, it suits me just fine.

Wonder if my 600 book money is already in my account? Coz I banked in the check last week after being helped by a really helpful guard at the bank. Not to mention that Im dead broke.

I went to the IC Dept (or whatever it’s called) a few days ago to do MyCard (new IC) with an old auntie of mine….embarresed myself in front of her. We were eating lunch at McD (she likes fried chicken for some reason – even at that age) and I thought she offered me her french fries, which I took coz I was bored while my mom and her were engrossed in some sisterly catching up. Then we were about to leave and I was putting it (the French fries) into my plastic bag when my mom insisted it for her. Apparently she wanted the French fries to keep for herself later and I misunderstood her while happily eating it. LOL! laughla!! It’s supposed to be funny.

Oh yeah, I saw Evenstarr’s video clip “Masih” on Channel 9 the other day. For those that doesn’t know, Evenstarr is a local band from Kuching and the drummer is a friend of mine. They’re a new band and they’re quite good in Eng & BM songs. Good job guys J

The Rasmus was here 1-2 days ago in Hard Rock Café but of course I didn’t go. There was also a Jazz festival – the Green Room Festival – but of course I didn’t go too. Hoobastank is coming in August…not sure if im going, but of course I doubt. See how my boring my life is? Everyone says “Wuah, so syok you in KL, can go shopping and all the other events.” Yeah rite…

Im sick of having no internet access. Probably coz I’m too used to it. My dad bought Webbit – a new broadband wireless technology from Timedotcom – but of course my computer is so ancient that it doesn’t have a port for the Ethernet cable then my dad says he’ll buy a PC…but no sign of that yet (why am I not surprised?). I don’t dare to say anything until I’m sure where I’ll end up studying. Too much pestering isn’t good for my situation now. Oh yeah, back to my PC. To show you how slow it is, here are it’s specs : Intel Celeron 225 Mhz (yes MEGAHz), 128 MB RAM, 13.9 GB HDD & running on Win 98. How ancient is that??? At this point, I have no comment *rolls eyes*

Hmm….7.30 am already…I think I’m going to devote today to write testimonials which are way overdue. Sorry for those who have been waiting. I’m getting right to it ASAP.

Hey, just wondering….is anyone really reading this? If you are…please please please comment or write something on the right column on the right.

{11 pm}

I wrote so many testimonials and took some pictures here in KL but when i tried to open the CD in the Cybercafe, i cant. Wat a waste of time!!!!!!!!


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