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Was away from the computer for the past few days – which explains no update. Bang** Joe will kutuk me if i dont update regularly {harr..dengar tuh Joe, u nie slalu jer nak buli i…tak guna :P} Now back to my post….

I spent the night at E’s place way in Puchong & planned to go out to Bangsar on Fri nite. So E, B (our gal fren) and I were supposed to follow some of their friends. Turned out that there was only 3 of us gals & around 7-8 guys, 3 of which were my classmates who have never seen me “dressed to kill” – was wearing a black halter {yes d one from esprit that I NEVER wore} and a short black skirt and heels plus makeup. They terkejut cipan {curi Lola’s phrase here} esp when we’re introduced and they say i look familiar. Then i say “im your classmate” and then they go, “really?!? u look so different.” Idiots

At any case, it was so packed everywhere so we settled at Alsolute Chemistry, that’s near Pharmacy {why does both names seems like connected?} and we decided to open a bottle of JD den drank & dance a bit. When the bill came, apparently the guys didnt bring enough money and we gals were like “what the….”
So we juz paid our part and disappeared to let the guys settle it. Lousy! Im NEVER goin out with them again.

When everything was settled, we met the guys again and went back together. By that time, one of my classmates was totally drunk & horny so he was hitting on me *cringe* but i managed to avoid being “touched”. A**hole! So i did get back safely. Overall, it was kinda a bad night but i did manage to take care of myself so no worries.

The upside, i met up with a guy i was chatting wif online and he was better than i expected (coz i expected the worst) {what am i supposed to think if he doesnt want to send me his pic?}. So its all gud, he’s a pretty nice guy, we juz sat and chit chat for like 15 mins.

Another upside, i managed to go out clubbing & drinking after a 4 months cuti. Considering i used to go at least once a week – to play pool mostly – back in Miri {yes i kno im a bad bad gurl}, that’s a pretty good achievement i think :P

My parents picked me up this evening and we went to Bukit Bintang to go get my coloured contacts {Yay!!} but my degree was out of stock so i’m goinna get it sometime next week, mayb on Tuesday. Then we also got another cable for my handphone – hope it works this time!

After that we ate dinner at Sushi King and I had Tempura & miso soup & Inari (not sure if it’s the right word) – sweetbeancurd with rice sushi & salmon & unagi (eel) – some stolen off other ppl’s plates. LOL! On the way back outta BB it was jammed (weekends in KL, wat do u expect!) so my sisters & i took the digital cam and started taking really stupid & funny pics in the car. Will post them up soon! :P

p/s : i forgot to add that they settled the bill by giving wat money they had (they were rm100 ++ short) and surrendered 2 hps and took back the bottle of JDs & coke. never stepping foot in dat club again..sure kena tempeleng.
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