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Not feeling well *sniff*

Ah, this lack of sleep is taking a toll on me. How long as it been now? Definatly more than 24 hrs. Why you ask? It has been a long day. Suffice to say, circumstances was against me today.

This persistant flu is bugging me. The sneezing comes once a while – mostly mornings but now even my ear is slightly blocked due to my blocked nose. I wonder why is that.

My mom made one of my favourite meals today. Ikan Pari Bakar (bakar-ed over the stove in a pan that is). Just when I needed comfort food the most – not like I can taste it properly due to the aforementioned flu.

Time for me to eat, the food’s all nicely heated up. My first proper meal of the day. I had breakfast around 9.30am and no other solid food in between – cups and cups of nescafe doesn’t count for ‘food’ right?

Ah, will take some meds after this and drift off to drug-induced sleep.

Bliss.. (the medicinal kind)

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