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Not so happy ending

I was away for the weekend, so I was catching up on all the posts that I missed during the weekend. Managed to read this post that was written slightly passed midnight this morning. I know that most other ppl who read it would be appalled, shocked and perhaps would be saying things like “naper dier rasa mcm tu?”, “sensitif juga mamat nie” and defending things like “alar, jgn la terasa, joe mmg mcm tu, takyah nak amik port sgt apa dier kata…bla bla bla”.

But u kno what, honestly im not surprised. I was wondering when will someone refuse to put up with him and write a honestly brutal post. Even for me, someone who dah lama baca his blog (since he started writing it 3 yrs ago), will still terasa when he maki-maki & kutuk-kutuk.

Most recent incident (in my case) was during the gegar. When I was upstairs changing and left my webcam on without setting it on auto-allow, apparently this one guy was trying for ages and couldnt get it. Then he merajuk gave up and logged off. Then when I was back online, Joe bising2 coz of that incident. Then I said that it was very kelam kabut and busy here so tak sempat to set it on auto allow. This happened way before the event started.

Then during the event, he was trying to view the webcam and sometimes couldn’t get thru (due to the lousy connection at de palma combined with the unreliability of YM – which I didn’t want to use in the first place but no one wanted to listen to me – but that’s another story) then he brought up the issue. First he was saying its so hard to get the connection so tanak tgk lah. Then he said that it was all my fault (again!!) for not setting d webcam on auto allow causing that person merajuk gave up. And that person was a sponsor so we have to jaga his hati…bla bla and all that lah.

So finally I got irritated and said, Fine, if u tanak tgk sudah. you hv NO IDEA how busy and kelam kabut we are here, the connection is not perfect, etc etc etc. Sounds like I was making excuses, but that was the truth.

Look, if you said it once, its fine. Yes it was a technical mistake but the circumstances that night was not perfect either. But, you had to say it twice, which was wayy over the top. Yes he was the sponsor and all that and we have to jaga hati. Then what about the ppl who work so hard in the background (most of them working harder that me) takyah nak jaga hati?

Yes, I terasa that nite. Tp diamkan diri je.


Since we’re on that issue, there’s something I’ve been pondering over for the last two months. Some time before the gegar, I was telling joe about it and made him swear not to tell anyone. I was saying how I was thinking of not participating so much in the reban ayam thingy. Then he was asking why. Then i said that I felt that I wasnt part of it – its like there are so many outings, gatherings and activities that I wasn’t invited to.

For example, there are so many events that I wasn’t invited to, like when kyora was around I didnt get to see her, or when zaidee was coming to KLIA, i wasn’t even told or aware of the fact, and especially all those birthdays at ayam golek like Budak’s bday. Dont get me started on birthdays la, how come everytime its someone’s bday everyone plans to go out together2 but when it comes to mine, semua senyap?

Its always the same excuses like:

  • Last minute plan – tp org dari jauh2 pon boleh dtg. eg: putrajaya to pantai dlm, or ampang to klia
  • Takut u ada class – come on lah, u guys work 9-5 and I have about 2-3 hours of class per day only
  • You tak masuk tag – num tepon takde ke?
  • etc etc etc

I oredi posted about it that time “Tiada Update Ayam Gols” and after all those excuses I also wrote about how malas i am to ask “naper tak ajak” coz I’ll only hear the same excuses over and over again. The only time I felt yg I kena panggil utk berjumpa is because of the gegar thing and only because of my education background and what I could do.

Im not pointing fingers, its just that I malas tanya dah, and I malas to read blogs of other people saying they went here and did this with so-and-so when I should hv been there together. If it happened once or twice it doesnt really matter, but the fact that it’s happened constantly is what bugs me.

Anyway, i got other things to concentrate in nowadays. So yeah, it is high time for me to cut down my gathering activities. You guys continue to have fun tho :)


Since im on a let-out-all-your-annoyed-feelings mood, there’s something that made me rather irritated the other day. It was this sms conversation I had

Ja : Jom jumpa kat NZ wangsamaju mlm nie kul 8pm. Uno nak jumpa semua

Me : Ooo…dpt duit raya ke kalo jumpa uno? hihihi

Ja : I invite je. Kalo u rasa tak dpt apa2 kalo dtg, takyah nak dtg

WTF!! Hello!!! cant you see the joke in my sms? Especially the “hihihi” part at the end? I didnt even bother to reply to that. I didnt even bother to go actually. A (guy) fren of ours said that on that day she was cranky – perhaps she was having her period.

Such an over-used excuse. Marah-marah? Period. Cranky? Period. Tak siap kerja? Period. Ini? Period. Itu? Period. Period? Org lain pon period juga tp takde la sensitif sgt mcm tu. Yes I know how it feels, the pain in your abdomen, the feeling that your whole body is weak from loss of blood, getting sick because your antibodies are low. But, that is no excuse to reply to my playfully joking SMS. And I found it to be downright rude.

Period. Most overrated word.


oh i feel sooo lega now. (and no, im not having my period at this time)