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Of absolute idiots and Meet the Spartans

Bodohhhhhhhhhh bodohhh!!! I just had an encounter with an idiot! I’m currently in Starbucks Mont Kiara (its 24 hrs here) and put my status as “@ mont kiara…starbucks” then this idiot suddenly pm-ed me out of the blue:

The Idiot: did u know some of starbuck coffee made from pig fat
The Idiot: i notice this during my winter holiday in aussie
me: did u know im not muslim
me: lagipon starbucks kat mesia diiktirafkan halal
me: tu kat aussie

The Idiot: pig is not good although for non-muslim
me: alar..kat overseas mcd pon tak halal
me: tp kat sini halal

The Idiot: itu i tau
The Idiot: but starbuck are different
The Idiot: same as coffeebean
The Idiot: coz my fren work at starbuck
The Idiot: they use the pig fat to make the taste delicious
The Idiot: i not sure how many percentage
The Idiot: but they use it also in malaysia

me: so ur doubting jabatan yg menghalalkan mknan di mesia?
The Idiot: yup
The Idiot: they not doin their work very well

me: tu hal u
The Idiot: ade rasuah
me: its none of my problem
The Idiot: rasuah is big probs in malaysia
me: im half chinese..i nak makan babi ke, kuda ke, siput ke, ular ke, itu hal i
The Idiot: i just bagitau
The Idiot: i not saying u cannot eat
The Idiot: kalo kat court, u have to careful every words u say
The Idiot: gotcha

me: are we in court rite now?
The Idiot: u have to practice it
The Idiot: althought not in court

me: dah..i tanak borak benda mengarut mcm nie
me: buang masa i
me: bye

What kind of stupid mentality is that? I dont understand why he had to say the ‘court’ thing. Its like, totally off topic. Even tho im a non muslim, but I find it sad that him, as a muslim can’t even trust the people who makes the halal certification. Then who else can u trust?

So uitm (no offence to uitm students, its a term that my gang uses for something. LOL!). Ergh! “Tak suka jgn makan/minum laa!” <– unkel’s phrase. Waste of my time and energy to talk to him


What did i think about Meet The Spartans? This movie was so lousy I won’t even make a review. You know what, come to think of it, its not even worth to download.


  • shaq

    lol .. nice definition of uitm .. haha .. anyways .. u shudnt put it that way .. we got tons in msia .. anyways .. heres the thing. every1 has his/her own perception about everything .. those kinda guys who doubt things that has been proven usually have doubts about themselves .. let them be .. haha.. anyways .. have fun aight ..

  • Khai

    ade betulnya apa si idiot cakap tu… khai x maksudkan dari segi halal atau tidak sbb kita semua ada agama dan kepercayaan masing2, tapi mungkin niat dia baik nak kasitahu u yang babi mmg bawa penyakit kan.. sbb tu islam haramkan babi.. x baik ntuk kesihatan..

    halal atau tak tu, bagi Khai bila Jabatan AGAMA islam dah sah’kan ianya halal, tanggungjawab terletak atas bahu mereka..

  • emptyspace

    The Idiot: they use the pig fat to make the taste delicious

    kalu tak silap, starbucks mmg belum ade tanda halal.. tp mane ade lemak babi? my friend pun keje starbucks, die tak pernah ckp pun pasal lemak babi, bodoh la si idiot ni..

    The Idiot: rasuah is big probs in malaysia

    rasuah kepala otak dia.. tak tahu menahu, jangan main tibai je buat cerita pasal rasuah tu..

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