Of Actorlympics & halal dim sum

Curi-ed from afdlin’s blog

Went to watch ACTORLYMPICS on Friday nite with Erin and Nick D at Actor’s Studio, Bangsar. Bumped into Pinkpau in the lift. We always end up goin on the same night to actorlypmpics :P hehe!

It was good and really funny. I laughed so hard. Lots of cute guy volunteers were called up. Not as nice as the last time i went tho. Noticed that there were more RTMs there.

Sat nite went out mamaking wif frens. Had lunch on Sunday at Hartamas. Went to makan at this place where they served halal dim sum. Was a bit pricy. But soo sedap. The name of the shop is Dim Sum, near some kopitiam place.

Din go to class today coz i had bad stomach ache. Am home alone since sunday coz my family is staying over at Sunway Hotel – my dad has a room there


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