Of blind dates and Memory Lane

…blind dates…

I went out for a lunch date with a couple of bloggers : KWynn, joliekins, Batrisya88, CikNana, Aishah, Tika & NHK at Secret Recipe, KLCC. It was interesting – even tho i was the youngest there. hehe! KWynn blogged about it – go read her blog for wats on the menu :P

Food in Secret Recipe is yummylicious :D wana go eat there again :P Currently sick of Nandos & Chilis already. Need to find new chilling spots wif good food

…meeting friends…

After that I met up with Rach in KLCC as well. She was with her sister & a friend, Cecil. I was eating cake in Coffee Bean (Choc Fudge cake too sweet & dry) while waiting for them to arrive. So we lepaked there doin the usual crazy stuff – fillin in anonymous response cards with bad comments and checking out the waiters (which were ALL UGLY) – then went to Kinokuniya (whee!!) to look at comics & anime & books which I cant afford :(
Oh well, yesterday i bought 2 books from popular at only RM5.90 each. Its those paperbacks by lesser known authors. The one im reading now, Dona’s Room, is something like a mystery and the other one I bought is a psycological (sp?) crime thriller.

…memory lane…

By Memory Lane, i meant the shop that sells all those cutesy stuff. I generally dont go to these kinda places because (1) Cant afford it (2) No one would bother to get me anything from there anyway (3) I keep eyeing that flower made of fabric with the stalk that can be bend and twisted.

So…they’ve started selling Valentine gifts and cards. All those cutesy “be mine”, “you and me are love divine”, “Love you always” cards in red, pink and white and all the shades in between. Ranging from rm3-rm20 for the giant ones. All those plush stuffed toys with “Love you” and cute pillows.

Among all the “special days” in the year, i dread 14 Feb. All these years i have gotten nothing for Vday. Its no significance to me. Walking thru Memory Lane was utterly depressing and made me feel more alone

That is not to say I dont like being single. I do like being single, i relish it with glee. But, i have to honestly say that there are times I wish someone was around. Someone was there.

Speaking of someone, in my 2004 recap, i forgot to mention that I got really hurt by this guy who gave me tons of empty promises and sweet nothings. It happened some time in Nov/Dec. Tsk tsk! Why do i meet guys who are:
(1) liars or
(2) horny and are only after my body {im not sure why they cant get a better person with better body :P} or
(3) attached or
(4) gay – god forbid


Im nerdier than i expected….ehhehehe
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