Of books, coffee & makeup

After feeling pretty messed up for the past few days – coupled with lack of sleep – that i decided to go to Midvalley alone. However, when i got to the LRT station, my parents were there to pick me up. Then my sisters wanted to follow too *groan*

So i told em to split up, coz i knew they wanted to go window shop. And i headed off to MPH to get “Angels & Demons” by Dan Brown (yeap, the same guy who wrote The Da Vinci Code) then sat in Coffee Bean, drinking Ultimate Ice blended & eating chocolate swirl cheesecake while reading my new book. Sat there for almost 2 hrs, den met up wif my sis again before going for dinner at Nandos (yes, again!! :P)

…money money money…

Oh yeah, somehow, i still managed to spend RM130 yesterday.
Nail polish = 13.90 – the only one i have…
Book = 34.90
Toiletries = 13.00
Xmas cards = 8.00
Coffee Bean = 18.00
Makeup = 41.00 – BodyShop concealer & sharpener
GRAND TOTAL = 128.80

Well, i only go out like once a month, so i guess that’s understandable. LOL! The last time i went to midvalley was last month….or the month before that I think. And i juz bought a RM20 watch.

I guess there goes half of Dec’s allowance. I get RM250 a month…..and i buy my own lunch & breakfast in sch….and im saving up money to buy a plane ticket to Bintulu & Miri to see friends.


I had a presentation this morning…which caused me to have lack of sleep for hte last 2 days…but it was all WORTH IT. My lecturer said it was good and very clear, so much so that she asked the rest to be as good or better. Banggala! Coz i practically did all the slides & presented the whole thing (as usual, some of my groupmates are pretty useless)

Im going to register for the Planetshakers conference tomolo. Weird that someone like me is goin for a Christian conference….

Jeremy’s coming. Soo happy!! I really need to talk to him…miss him so much…
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