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Of dreams and theories

I thought that my paper was on monday and kinda kelam kabut studied for Database on sunday night. After I realized that it was on Tuesday, I went to bed really early at 5pm and planned to get up to study summore.

While I was sleeping, i dreamt that I was in uni and had to give this presentation on Tuesday before my exams. So I had to kelam-kabut-ly prepare for the presentation (which god knows what i was about) and finally ended at 10pm!! So I missed my exam, and the lecturer wont let me resit AND i was stuck it uni at 10pm. It was scary coz I had to stay awake till the next morning.

I woke up with a shock thinking that I might have overslept. Looked at my hp and it was 3.30 am, Tuesday morning and i heaved a sigh of relief. Got up and studied till exam this morning. I think i did OK :D


This morning (at 3.30am) after I got up, I went to the toilet to take a shower. Then I saw not one, but TWO vases of the money plant – u know, that small green plant that people usually put in the toilet or in houses.

The next day I asked my mom about it an she said she put the plants there because she wants the toilet to smell nicer.

me : how the hell is it supposed to work?
mom : well, its like this, the plants absorb the smells
me : but they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) lah
mom : Yalah, the CO2 and all the smells then it produce fresh oxigen
me : but the smells are not contained in the CO2, how would u kno it works?
mom : I dunno la..but that’s my theory
me : …..

Happy Kaamatan (harvest festival) to all my sabahan friends :D

Kaamatan wishes
orginally by yours truly

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