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Of Food & O.N.S.

Yesterday we went for dinner at Chillis OU. Eat until stomach wana burst. haha! Had 2 starters on top of a main meal each. Not to mention many refills of drinks. Then we went to deli-licious…delicious where we had fantastic chocolate brownie smeared with hot fudge choc sauce and topped with vanilla icecream. The tiramisu there was good as well. Tak sempat take pictures coz we instantly attacked it when it came. Thanks Nick :D

Didnt go to the Guinness party at Zouk the other nite. No kawan. But spent time at kinchan’s office with him and nick cooking up ideas for our new blog – One Night Stands. Its this joint blog about the silly things we do when we’re bored – mostly pictures at mamaks lah.

Mel’s coming over tonite from Bangkok so im going to pick her up soon. Tonite’s the Liverpool-Man U game in Old Trafford at midnite so i MIGHT be going down to mosin to watch with the guys. Depending on whether Mel is tired or not.

I support Liverpool…so they’d better win :P

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