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Of happiness, alchemists and parties

Am feeling uber happy today coz:

  1. I managed to finish my 2000 word report on CASE (Computer-Assisted Software Engineering) tools in 3 hours (after hours of being distracted before that). Completed it around 9-something-am this morning and printed it out.
  2. Had my major presentation for my English Communication Skills about my report on “The lack of an online student portal in LUCT”. Did it with eL. The lecturer said it was good. Good job el :D
  3. Goin out tonite and sleeping over with friends. Clubbing? Maybe yes, maybe no :P {I can hear G in the background screaming “Ghetto Heaven at Zouk!!!!”
  4. Got no more assignments to pass up except for the Math, but i’ll worry about that next week

p/s: Put, thats why I wanted the week to be over. Get a life la babe~! :P (inside joke)


I was reading Rudy’s post about reading for free at bookstores and juz couldnt help laughing. Because I did the exact same thing.

I was at Borders Time Square monday evening supposedly waiting for a fren who didnt turn up bangang so I juz loitered around looking at the books and mentally drawing up a list of what I would love to have sitting on my bookshelf. Then i spotted The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It has been recommended to me by several people.

Its really good ~!! Not too heavy reading, light enough for a casual before bedtime read (that is, if u can put the book down to sleep :P) and it not that thick, the soft cover is less than 2cm thick, if im not mistaken. So get your copy now~! or be like stingy me and read it at Borders

p/s: i think Borders is goin to be my new hangout place :P


Suddenly this week I have got a few invites to a few important parties this week and end of this month. Time nak exam la byk temptations nak gi party. Clubbing!! Clubbing!! G is so sad she cant go :( next year lah dahhllinggg :P

A free invite to Fingathing party at Zensake (near the KFC building in KL).
Who wants to go? I can bring friends :D Not sure if im goin yet.

Chivas Partayyy

I won this competition for a pair of free tickets (which are worht RM25 inclusive of Chivas Cocktail). Read more at Genting’s Website. What say u Pam? Free ke tak? :P

p/s: Argghh…the temptations that taunt me……..


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