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Of lenses, DVC & my late uncle

I finally went to look for a new brand on contact lenses because I wasnt too happy with the one I have now, it tends to get dry too fast and thus i tend to scratch my eyes – esp when i go out mamaking till wee hrs of the morning.

Most importantly, i had to buy new a new brand of solution since the one im using – Bausch & Lomb Renu – is strongly suspected to cause some fungal infection in the eyes. [Read the news report here]

Finally settled on this brand that is more expensive (RM10 extra) but better with more water content and doesnt get so dry as easily or as fast as the other brand. I changed my solution to Solocare, seems to be good nowadays.


Went to watch The Da Vinci Code at Times Square on Fri nite. Tot of watching 9pm so I was there at 8pm to book tickets. However it was full, even the premier class. The next show was at midnight and the only empty seats were the ones in the premier class and the first 2 rows.

Premier tickets are about rm17, but the seats are bigger and more ’empuk’. Plus its smaller and more exclusive so lessening the risks of stupid audiences who bising, talk and dont get the intellegent jokes.

Since it was still early, we went for icecream at Baskin Robbins. Oh yeah! I ordered icecream and had a hard time deciding. Then after the lady scooped it out for me, i took it and we talked off. We decided to eat Hainam Chicken Rice at BB so we walked through the monorail. We were at BB when i asked “err…did I pay for the icecream?” and my fren said “yeah i was just thinking the same thing.” Haha! I got my icecream for free :P

I was a bit worried that I would like the movie, coz Pink pau absolutely hated it. I think it was quite good if you:

Never never compare it with the movie, since when does a movie based on a book is the same. Dont go try comparing it at all. Think of it as in independant movie. As if u’ve never seen it. My fren who has never even heard of the book said it was good (even thought some said they’re a bit confused).

Oh come on, its juz a movie :P (Though I dont think its worth watching again)

Note: when we went back to Times at 11.50pm, Baskin & Robbins was still open, so I paid for my icecream eventually. Apparently the gal also must have forgot because she also did not inform us :P

My parents are in Kuching for the funeral until Tuesday evening because my uncle passed away saturday night :( He was my dad’s eldest brother (my dad is the youngest of 8 siblings) He has been sickly for some time. I liked him a lot. He was one of my favourite uncles. May he rest in peace.dc


  • kumiko_bella

    ah..i senang sikit kat sini using lenses…sebab every 3 months…dia hantar from the post…and all i need to do is..every check mata i….but senang hati sikit…hey…coco..jgn rub your eye while the lenses in there…mata u tak bersalahhhhh…tau…nanti sakit dia lak…hehehehe

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