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Of papercrafts, Shrek and Body Shop

So its been about 2 weeks or so of holidays and I have :

I’m back from my weekend break :D and I notice that I’ve missed two Download Fridays (will post that up soon).

I’ve also been busy doing papercrafts (Im a contributor at PaperKraft.net) and these are three models I just finished in this 2+ weeks :D

Pirates of the Carribean Compass – [link]

optimus prime – [link]

The Surveilance Camera from Metal Gear Solid (i really loved that game) by Chamoo – Click [link] for more papercrafts by Chamoo

Friday Night
Went to lepak at a fren’s place in ampang with Ms Moesha. Was stuck in a bloody jam for almost an hour. Guess where the jam was? On the NKVE highway from Kota Damansara tol to Jalan Duta Tol which is just ONE toll away….and stuck for almost 1 hr padahal that is less than 10 mins usually. :-w

Went to pick up Ms Moesha at Sentul. We some how miscommunicated and she ended up waiting at a different place, lucky not that far away. Poor gal :P anyway we managed to find out way there. Lepak2 and played cards the whole night then at 7am ish went to send Ms Moesha to her frens place, and I went to another fren’s place to sleep. zzzz |-)


Sunday Night
I also went to watch Shrek 3 with Jai at Cineleisure. I was quite dissapointed that CinemaOnline.com gave it such a low review. They were kutuking the fact that the characters had the same kind of humour. Err…they’re the same characters…hello? But i agree that the role of Artie (Justin Timberlake) should have been deeper and given more screentime.

Anyway, I had lots of fun laughing during this movie – and I was probably the only one laughing at the ‘Hooters’ reference in the movie :)) The ending is of course rather predictable (as in most cartoon movies) – and I like how they intergrated other story book charaters like Merlin, Lancelot, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. All in all, this is a great movie to watch to make you feel good :D

Rating : 4 out of 5 stars

(no pics coz Jai refused to take pics..saying he looked buruk :|)
Today (monday) I went to Bukit Bintang with Zakri to get a present for his gf…yea I had to go and follow him to help him choose what to buy. He shops like a girl! We went to so many shops to survey-survey things and compare prices. If me, I’ll just pick and go. But ituler…dah org tu sayang kat gf dier kan…so must get the best things.

First we went to parkson and bought a nice silver box. Then while walking, we saw Body Shop and noticed they had this huge sale, up to 50% off, so we popped in. And after smelling a hundred scents, he decided to buy the Rougeberry perfume for her. And I also TERbeli 2 bottles of shower gel which smelled heavenly and a small bottle of home fragrance oil which was CHEAP! Only RM37 in total.

Then finally we went to this shop to buy a very nice red and light red selendang for his girl and packed it nicely into the box. Oh yea, he also bought me one orange one because it was “the first time we met face-to-face (I got to know him last year through chatting) and that I helped him pick out the presents.” So sweet!
Nectarine & Plum shower Gel + White Tea Home Fragrance Oil + Orange Selendang

Thanks Zakri :D
So what did u guys do last weekend and what do you think about Shrek 3?

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