of postponed dates & dollmasters

i got up, took a shower, got ready, put on makeup, stuff wallet & phone in bag, put on socks, took the house key, unlock the door to go down to wait…..

Then he calls and says he has to go to Putrajaya (40 mins away) because something came up. :|

Btw, its not the same guy that i said “has potential”. This is another guy.

Edit : he called later around 1.30pm and we went out for lunch & went for a drive till bout 6pm


i went to watch dollmaster the other day. It was pretty good. Definatly better than Bushinsaba (which is the worst horror movie i’ve seen) and better than Shutter. The dolls are SO FREAKY! and i must admit there are some parts which i really got shocked. The suspense…eee…

Read d review here.

…family matters…

oh yeah, my grandmother (on my mom’s side) is currently in the hospital for observation. She has blood in her stool. Not sure what’s wrong yet.


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