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Of Veggies and Express picnic

Havent been uploading coz my internet is down. Apparently its not the fault of my modem (remember my sister’s story?) but the fault of streamyx. Sorry ye :P

Anyway, been busy goin out to savor the last week of my holidays. Am starting semester on the 20th so going down to Cyberjaya to register for my 2nd semester of my first year tomorrow (thursday).

I went out with Sids, Andre & Erin to Subang on Saturday. We went to look for this vegetarian shop that I saw on someone’s blog. So walked around looking for that shop and finally found it. Looked like a chinese shop from outside. So i asked Andre “You sure it’s halal?” then andre said “hello? do they even sell meat?” and then i was “oh yea..silly me” :P

After that we went to watch “Big Momma’s House 2” at GSC Summit. Was a really funny movie. Had lotsa of laughs :D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Took the KTM train to Bank Negara to meet up with Par (apa ek blog address ko tu?) & Put who were goin to pick me up from Sogo so we could go for this picnic-gathering of the CSgroup (no,no,not CounterStrike..but something else =P).

Supposed to start at 5.30 pm…but we all got lost in Lake Gardens because everyone was nmot sure of where to meet. So we only started at 6.30pm. Had LOADS of food. Orgnya 6-7, makanan utk 20 org. Haha! Cik puteri brought grapes, par rajin buat sandwich, linn bawa meehoon goreng (sorry yek i tak makan meehoon :P), & mamabat merajinkan diri bawa Laksa johor, air oren, rendang ayam & nasi impit. I juz brought air gas :P

It was the FASTEST picnic i ever experienced. Express picnic…lasted an hr only. haha!! everyone was soo full and it was getting late. Thanks to par sbb anto aku pegi KLcentral :D I lepak around in KL Central for a bit coz was kinda bored. Then took the LRT back to KJ.In the LRT, i bumped into this european couple who were wondering if they were on the wrong train. So i asked if them where they were going to. Apparently they wanted to go to KLCC which was the opposite direction. So i said they could stop at the next station and switch platforms. They were so grateful for the help and I felt so good about myself for helping. Hehe! People were like staring tho. Wonder why?

All in all, i had a busy Saturday but it was a blast!!
Oh yes, Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!! :D

p/s: Utk bebudak tag Joe, i plan nak buat gathering kat area PJ. Masa & tempat blum ditetapkan lagi..tapi nak check kalo 4th March tu free tak??


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